IOT based Vehicle Accident Tracker

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  • The working of this system is based on Internet of Things. The system will be connected to a cloud server. This will help us to monitor the live status and location of the vehicle.
  • The system will include a sub-system which will have vibration sensors to detect any kind of accidents.
  • The whole system will be powered through the battery of the vehicle itself hence no worries to charge the battery. This will make the system active 24*7.
  • The system will alert for accidents even if the vehicle is parked and some other vehicle hits it.
  • The vibration sensor will detect the vibrations in case of accident and send the data to the microcontroller.
  • The microcontroller will then take the data from the GPS which will be the current location of the vehicle and will send it to the cloud server using Wi-Fi module.
  • The server will generate an alert notification to the user about the accident and the current location of the vehicle.
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Expected Delivery Date is April 27, 2019

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